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Rice Terrace in the near of Sa Pa - Score:8.29091
Rice Terrace in t...
Spot:Sa Pa
View over Halong Bay - Score:8.25000
View over Halong Bay
Spot:Halong Bay
Sunset at U-Bein-Bridge - Score:8.22093
Sunset at U-Bein-...
Ta Keo Tempel - Score:8.20690
Ta Keo Tempel
Sunset at U-Bein-Bridge - Score:8.18182
Sunset at U-Bein-...
Floating Gardens - Score:8.17391
Floating Gardens
Spot:Inle Lake


The Land Formed Dei Gratia

Fast Facts:

Area: 44,936,000 square kilometer
Largest Country: China
Smallest Country: Republic of Maldives
Languages Spoken: English, Chinese, Japanese, Korean and wide variety of languages such as Indo-Aryan to Greek
Currency: There exist several currency forms in Asia the major ones being Indian Rupee, Chinese Yuan, Japanese Yen, Singapore Dollar, etc.
Time Zone: +2 to +12
Religion: This land embraces more religions than any other part of the world including Hinduism, Buddhism, Christianity, Islam and many more.
Climate: Varied climatic conditions ranging from Arctic cold, torrid heat to torrential rainfall.
Population Density: Highest when you compare with 89.07 per square kilometer - Wat Phra Kaeo The landmass of spiritual awakening, literary excellence and revolutionary ideas, Asia is the world's most populous continent. Separated from Europe by the Ural Mountains, this land has very rich cultural tradition and varied customs and etiquette deeply rooted in the soils of the land. From the devastating war-ravaged lands of Afghanistan to oil-rich Sultanic state of Brunei, roller-coaster fun rides of Cambodia, Chinese silk, hyperbolic Japan to the cosmopolitan India bordered by the mighty Himalayas, Asia is a hodgepodge of luscious beauty, festivity fervor and inspiring religion that woos tourists from across the world. Asia is a one-stop destination for all kinds of gubernatorial countries.


The word ‘Asia’ is said to be associated with Greek etymology Herodotus while some assumed Asia was named after Asias who was the son of Cotysor that is connected with wife of Prometheus. Whatever be it, Asia as seen today has grown to be a distinct landmass, separated from North America by the Berring strait and from Africa by the Red Sea and Isthmus of Seuz slowly yet steadily since 500 BC. However, it was Alexander's conquest and further exploration by Vasco Da Gama and Marco Polo that this large mass of land has witnessed growth and development with time. - Big Buddha in the Buddha Park Asia is a home to world’s oldest civilizations and being so for Sumerian, Assyrian and Babylonian civilizations, Asia grew in prominence with the era of the European Imperialism. However, the seeds of imperialism led to exploitation and slavery of the erstwhile Asians and this had resulted in revolutionary outbursts and protests finally de-colonization through war and bloodshed and these include the Korean War and the Arab-Israeli War.

Again, both the World Wars have had devastating effects on the entire Asia but the gutsy continent grew from ruins and we can see growth of communist China, independent India from the clutches of British Imperialism, economic strength of Japan and booming economies of entire South East Asia.

Geography - Amazing Hindukush With its varied topological variation, Asia is divided into several physiographic zones such as the northern lowlands comprising of the land of Siberia, central highlands consisting of plateau which include the land of Tibet and China with greatest mountain ranges enclosing them such as the Himalayas, the Karakoram, the Tian Shah, the Kunlun and the HinduKush. The other part of the continent is the southern peninsular land of Arabia and India. The southern land mass merges into alluvial plains of River Ganges and River Tigris and River Euphrates. It is in Asia, that one can find the highest mountain peak in the world, the Mount Everest and the world's lowest point too, the Dead Sea. Everest belongs to the Himalayan Mountain ranges and its snow-capped most part of the year. However, the Asian plateau reflects a great variety of landscape comprising of mountains, hills, plateaus, valleys, islands and volcanoes as well.

Attractions - cooking Begin your journey of Asia with its largest country China. The land that still smells of Maoist past, nevertheless growing significantly with economic pragmatism. China today is just not a country, but is a whole new different world that vibrates with modern living. The youth of China resonate with Music Television Video and latest mobile gadgets attracting investment as well tourists. A visitor might want to stroll through the lanes of Beijing, sail down the River Yangzi while exploring Hainan Dao's, island's magical beauty. If you are awesome two married new, Hainan Dao is the ideal destination amidst thick canopies of forest and each time you unravel the mystery of unexplored. And, it is at Hong Kong that one will be greeted with unique blend of multi-Asian and western influenced etiquette. Feel the pulsating Chinese city life and contemporary modern living at Kunming and Shanghai. Cuisine is something that enthralls every taste bud on the earth. Chinese cooking range from stewing to cooking, boiling to braising, steaming to simmering and crisping to baking. Food has a unique blend of color, shape, redolence and taste. So much are they treat to see the food in varied shapes and colors as well as savor. You cannot ignore the importance of the chopsticks in the Chinese banquet as well! - Shwe Yaunghwe-Kloster Your alternative tour can be a soul searching experience, wandering into the mighty Himalayas. Asia also offers its tourists the ultimate spiritual destination in the lands of monks and monasteries at Tibet in China and Ladakh in India. Tibet offers some breathtaking views and houses world's renowned monasteries while Ladakh helps uplift your spirits through a soul-stirring spiritual awakening. In South-east Asia, it is the kingdom of Thailand that attracts people with its irresistible beauty, inspiring temples and spiritual enlightenment as well. - Sunset One cannot stop falling in love with India's natural extremes of beauty that unfolds with each and every visit one makes. And, it is at India that one can experience the perfect confluence of mountains, rivers, forests and plains. In India it is either Goa, the perfect honeymoon destination with its exotic beaches, Kerala the backwaters, or Kashmir the paradise on earth. Just name it and enjoy the breathtaking scenic beauty in exquisite resorts offering world-class amenities. Natural beauty is in abundance in this piece of land, and if your motto is to experience western influence in the Asian subcontinent, visit Malaysia, a place that has grown from nothing to a modern bustling country with skyscrapers donning the skyline amidst pristine beaches and world famous national parks.

Sri Lanka can be another great destination you can include in your itinerary. The tiny island country has a lot to offer to the visitors. The country is a great blend of two religions namely Hinduism and Buddhism. The Buddhist heritage sites can be explored at leisure or take time to visit the temples of the country. Strong point to opt for Sri Lanka is the medical and health spa packages available here so as you enjoy massage and oil bath treatments at the beach resorts you go home doubly recharged. Needless to say the beauty of the beaches here are going to sway you away. - Cherryblossom Take some time and visit Japan as you will simply be enthralled by Japanese hospitality and the Tokyo national Museum is worth a visit as it houses the world's largest collection of the Japanese Art. Japan amazes one and all, an epitome of determination and commitment this land rose from rubble after World War II.

But if you are a shopping enthusiast, Singapore is the destination you will love to be. Either shop till you drop in the lanes and by lanes of Singapore or go for window-shopping and explore fun and latest fads.

Nestled in the lofty Himalayas are again the countries of Bhutan and Nepal that offer sublime beauty and soothing ambience. Modernity is yet to rush in, but a visitor one can enjoy the serene and tranquil beauty of Mother Earth in its wildest vagaries. Not to mention the amicable people who are very hospitable and charming.

Before you leave Asia, your must visit place is Maldives, a group of 1000 plus coral islands with rich and diverse marine life. Eco-tourism scintillates at Laos with its gushing Mekong River, deep jungles and splendid natural beauty. A must visit is also the oil-rich sultanic state Brunei with Jerudong Theme park, an amusement park that children will enjoy till the hilt.

Nightlife - Petronas Towers The top hotspots to sample Asian nightlife is found in the cities of Manila and Bangkok. From bars to nightclubs to discos, Phuket and Pattaya in South East Asia have all. The nightlife entertainment strips are spread all across Bangkok and has something for everyone. Vietnam and Cambodia are fast growing countries to contest for spots of electric nightlife. Be it drinking venues or jazzy nightclubs even in the communist China, it is loud and lively with Karaoke being a very popular way to spend time in Asia, the land formed Dei Gratia.

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